September 11, 2014

Unsung Blessings

This world is really such a beautiful place; it's hard to recognize all of the lovely little details because there are just so many of them! Although, you may be able to acknowledge a handful of them if you take the time. Below I've listed a few 'unsung blessings' that never fail to delight me.

the scent of books
a murder of crows flying beneath an overcast sky
cobblestone streets
weeping willows, supremely when accompanied by a tree fort
woolly berets
the hush that snow brings
the sensation of tea warming my body
soft, weathered book spines
fancy brass door knockers
the graceful twirl of ballerinas
classical piano music
ornate spiraling staircases
sunlight illuminating dust as it drifts through the air
birch tree forests
vintage flowery wallpaper
wrought iron beds
the sound of rain from beneath an umbrella
the clickity-clack of a typewriter
old houses with plenty of windows
the skeletons of trees in winter
the view from rooftops
ivy veiled walls and houses
passersby who say 'hello' rather than 'hi'
the individualized and memorable fragrance that accompanies each season
dressing up just to feel fancy
dried flowers, memories of springs past
old photographs, and the curiosity that they evoke
writing in cursive
discussing the mystifying immensity of God and all of Creation
ancient gnarly trees
kitten's paws
when the moon is full
cotton candy clouds at sunset

Oh, so lovely! What are some little details that you admire?

Inspired by the wonderful Bridget from Deer Circus.

September 9, 2014

Before It's Too Late

"Here is a small fact: you are going to die." - The Book Thief

Sorry if that came as a shock to you, but it's an important thing to know. You are not invincible. Your life on this earth isn't endless. You may live well into your nineties and see your great grand children grow up, but there are no guarantees. It could all end tomorrow. Or today. There is no way to know.

And yet, we spend (more likely, waste) our time like it is unending. 
'Eh, I'll write that novel next month.'
'I'm just too tired, I'll do it later.'
'Not right now, later.'

What if all of those later's turn into never's?

Our time on earth is a precious gift from God; He doesn't want us to waste it. We only get to live here once.

So go do what you've been putting off, don't wait until tomorrow.
 Your future self will thank you.

September 5, 2014


In the last twenty-four hours I've undergone some exciting changes- firstly, I donated ten inches of hair to Locks of Love. I've been wanting to get a shoulder-length cut for a while now, and I finally decided to go ahead and do it. I really love it! It is wonderful to be able to wear my hair down without having to spend lots of time styling and fussing over it.
And secondly, I got my braces off! I've been counting down the days, and haven't been able to contain my excitement. My teeth feel so big and smooth and free; I haven't stopped smiling since I got them off this morning.
If you think I changed a lot since yesterday, just take a look at my post from back in February of 2013 when I first got my braces on! Looking back, I'm really glad that I've changed since then. Haha...yeah.